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Sell your products or services to a broader audience through websites, materials and brochures translated into your customers’, providers’, and employees’ language. 

El Molino Inc offers more than a simple word translation. As a Spanish speaking native living in the US for the last two decades, I guarantee that I’ll do much more than translate your documents word for word. I will help you communicate the real meaning of your message, giving you the valuable translation of meaning. 


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About Us

Agustina Harmon
SDO Certified MBE, WBE
SBPP Member
Commbuys Member

About Us

El Molino, Inc. was created to enable companies and individuals to communicate effectively in a global market in which Spanish is amongst the fastest growing languages.

Agustina Harmon is a native Spanish teacher and translator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She lives in the US since the year 2000. Agustina pursued a successful professional career in the corporate sector in Buenos Aires. The experience gained in South America as a recruiter specializing in banking and IT companies, combined with her almost twenty years living and working in the US makes her a unique multicultural resource for your company or project. 

Having traveled extensively throughout Latin America and lived in the US for the last two decades, Agustina’s cultural diversity provides her clients with an insider’s understanding of the heterogeneous and growing Hispanic market at a global level.

Agustina's combination of experience teaching Spanish and providing translation services, plus her business background in Latin America, make her an advantageous bilingual resource that can help you target your product or service to the diverse Hispanic market as much as to the English speaking market interested in Spanish.

Agustina Harmon

SDO Certified MBE, WBE

SBPP Member

Commbuys Member 

Translations – Tutoring – Lessons

Client Testimonials

- "Coming into my senior year of spanish, I felt as though my skills were lacking compared to many of my classmates.  Despite taking spanish classes since 6th grade, I always perceived my ability, particularly when it came to my conversational skills, were behind those of my other classmates.  As a result, my family and I decided that we would pursue working with a tutor in order to try and improve my grasp of the language.  In my time working with Mrs. Harmon, my improvement was measurable and as the year went on I began to grow far more confident in my speaking ability.  In the space of a year, I went from not being able to piece together more than a few sentences of conversation to being able to hold a conversation with my peers.  I also was able to achieve an A in my class, as the work that Mrs. Harmon and I did together helped me to succeed in the classroom.  Overall, my family and I are incredibly grateful for the help that was given to me by Mrs. Harmon, and feel that anyone who may be in a similar situation to mine should absolutely seek out her help."  (Algonquin HS Senior Student) - 2019

- “Agustina has been a great asset to our organization. She has translated several multi-paged, complex documents for us, oftentimes with short notice. Deliverables have always been sent to us on time, if not early. Interacting with her is always a positive experience and we look forward to continuing to work with her.” Kate W. Beverly, MA - 2017

- “Agustina has been translating from English to Spanish for our publishing company for many years.  I had the pleasure of working with her all this time. She is very diligent, accurate and always on time.  In fact out of 8 different translators that we subcontract on monthly basis, she is the best and I highly recommend Agustina as a reliable and professional translator.” Simon Shendelman VISITOR GUIDE PUBLISHING (Multilingual Guides) - 2018

- “It has been a pleasure to use Agustina Harmon’s services!  She is very professional and reliable.  You can count on having your translated materials on time for you projects. I recommend her without hesitation!” Latino Health Insurance Plan – Milagros Abreu (President) - 2017


- "Agustina has been providing Spanish translations for The MBA Tour for the past 2.5 years. It has been a pleasure to work together with Agustina as she is committed to providing her clients with excellent service. 

For The MBA Tour, Agustina translates articles that are used for press releases and newspaper ads. Our translations always require a quick turnaround in which Agustina is always available to accommodate. She is very professional and reliable." The MBA Tour - 2006

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